Relocating During Summer? Ways to Make Your Move Comfortable & Enjoyable

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In the past moving home was considered to be the most hectic process, as we had to load up all belongings on a truck and head off to unknown destinations along with an oil lamp and a compass to locate direction. With technological advancements, the moving process has become simpler.

Despite knowing that the scorching summer heat will take a toll on your health, most of us prefer moving our homes during sweltering summer months. One of the major reasons why people prefer moving during summer is because kids are out of school and they get enough time to get adjusted to the new home easily. Apart from the benefits, a summer move has its drawbacks too and the major one being the scorching heat.

Here are a few things you will need to consider prior to planning your summer move.

Plan Your Move Well in Advance & Avoid Moving on Busy Days

If you plan to move in the month of May try to plan your move at least two to three months in advance. This will give you enough time to pack up things and plan your move perfectly. If you choose a moving company you will not like to miss out on some good deals that are generally offered during weekends or other special occasions. Try planning your move during this time and avoid moving during the busiest days that fall in the middle of the month.

Decide in Advance about Packing Yourself or Hiring a Removal Company

Considering the sweltering heat, do you think you will be able to pack your belongings all by yourself? If you are confident then it is a good sign, but if you aren’t able to pack all by yourself and require a moving company at the last minute then you may not be able to get their services. Even if you are prepared to shell out thousands of dollars to hire a moving company at the last minute, the moving company you hire will not have available staff at that moment.

Be Cautious of Items You Put Into the Moving Truck during Summer

Placing items like scented candles into the moving truck when it is being driven through the hottest areas of the city will melt away. It can spoil your clothes and other items too. Therefore ensure to avoid placing items like candles and other waxed things into the truck. Similarly, the scorching heat can damage CD’s, videos and cassette tapes. Plan well in advance and pack up breakable items in boxes to keep them undamaged.

Last but not the least; you will need to take extra care about your health when planning a summer move. Summer is a time when the heat dehydrates you and makes you fall sick. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and wear light cotton clothing to move about freely when packing. Don’t let the summer heat spoil your move and follow these valuable suggestions to make moving stress-free, comfortable and enjoyable.

Adan Bert is a content writer from London, UK writing this article on the behalf of Johnson’s Removals . He is a specialist in everything related to house and business relocations.

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