Proven Secrets And Techniques To Grow Traffic To Your Websites & Blog

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The main problem today’s bloggers and SEO firms are facing is how to grow traffic to their website? What are the reliable sources that will help us grow traffic to our web sites? How long this traffic will continue to our site?  Will this traffic convert into lead? Is domain name going to help us drive traffic and rank in Google?

Don’t worry there are lots of ways you can drive traffic to your website and blogs. Here is this blog today I will discuss some of the best ways that will not only help you grow traffic to your site, but will also help your drive your more visitors and convert that visitor into a lead.

Offer Valuable content: The most important thing that is still alive from old SEO is content. Yes! You heard right! Content. I am talking about. If you provide valuable content that can help your user solve their query, this will help convert that user into a long term valuable reader.

NP: In order to keep that visitor come back to your site, you have to update content to your post regularly. Content that is valuable for your readers.

Integrate Social Media: This is something what Google and everyone loves.Yes! “Social media”. Now a days social media plays a very important role in everyone’s life. This is the biggest platform of today’s and upcoming business.

Social media helps users and business interact hassle free. Social media is something that will not only help users and company solve their problem, but will also help know each other. So be more attentive towards social media.

NP: Make use of social media platform such as Facebook, Google, Twitter . Don’t abuse this platform for expanding your business, this might come back on you if abuse it.

Active Participation:  Fresh content and social integration is not only helpful. But you have to actively participate on this social platform and other communities and give genuinely valuable suggestion to your user, help them solve their queries. This is another way which will help your grow traffic and build trust in you & your website.

NP: Don’t over practice the integration and participation in communities and social media platform for back linking purpose as Google might backfire on your and consider participation as  bad practice which is used for traffic generation.

Say Hi to Your Users: This is something really interesting and new. You can ask your readers to join you on social networks such as Facebook, Google+ or Twitter or vice versa and actively participate in whats going on. By doing this you can be a part of their life. You can share some cool stuffs and events & also invite them to join you on  events, this will make them feel special and valued. This will bond the relation between you and your readers.

NP   : Don’t simply Keep on adding friends whom you don’t know and don’t try spamming by shooting them tons of updates per day. This will broke your trust and readership in long run.

Sponsor some events: This is something you need to burn a hole in your pocket (you can take help of Google Adwords program, CPC, Some PayPer click programs, Facebook Adds). This will help you drive organic as well as referral traffic.

You can measure this traffic using Google tools such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, or Hubspot tool. I personally love Google Analytics and as well Majestic SEO & Cognitive SEO. The best SEO tools that help me plan my next content and find the  best keywords and time to publish and mange the same.

Word Of Mouth: The best and free way to drive traffic both organic and referral.


Be what you are. Write the way you love. Never copy others. Share your views with other who can help you in editing and adding some valuable points in your post. Join communities & share your ideas. Be active on social media, but don’t abuse. As social media is the future of Internet marketing.

Authors Bio:

JohnBThoreson is a blogger, web designer and SEO consultant from NY. You can follow him catch him on Twitter @johnbthoreson or Google+

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