10 Simple Business Ideas That DO NOT Require Investment

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If you desire to become an entrepreneur or feel it is being imposed on you because of lack of quality jobs in a slow economy, find yourself lucky. There are several businesses that can not only help you sustain but rather thrive even in these economically challenging times. If you feeling sad that you don’t have money to start a business venture, please don’t be. Discussed below are some stunning business ideas that can be started virtually free of cost. Read them out, storm your brain and think of an idea that suits your abilities and just get going…

Freelancing – In this age of internet boom there are several business options for skilled people. If you are a writer, web designer, web developer, an SEO expert or even a photographer you can earn money online. There are several platforms from where you can get work. You can also seek clients through networking and make money without spending a dime.

Blogging – If you have knowledge in a particular field or have passion for something that others would be interested in you can start your own blog. There are several platforms through which you can start your blog for free and without needing any knowledge of web designing or web development. You can make money through Google AdSense program or by displaying paid ads.

Start an ecommerce business – If you have something to sell or have the desire to make money by selling things, you don’t really need to have a store in an expensive complex. Just make a good functional website and you are ready to go. Overtime you can increase your advertising budget and mint real money.

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Make money out of affiliate marketing – If you have a successful blog or a website, you can look for firms offering related but non-competing services or products and having affiliate marketing program. To promote their products you may place a banner ad on your websites, you can include the links to those product pages in your blog, discussion form or emails you send to your readers. You may even create a separate page to promote the product. If you know web designing and SEO, you can make good money out of affiliate marketing.

Tuitions – If you are qualified and love teaching this is an ideal business idea for you. You can scan your neighborhood to search for prospective students. You can also teach students online these days. There are several tuition websites where you can enroll yourself.

Virtual assistance – Helping someone finish their task can be a business these days. You don’t require spending anything if you have a computer with an internet connection. There are many websites and forums through which you can take assignments.

Consulting and training business – If you have knowledge in a particular field you can make money by advising others on how to succeed in their field.

Brokerage service – Today brokerage service business is thriving. Depending on your expertise you can go for any type of brokerage services such as real estate brokerage, investment brokerage and business brokerage. If you can’t set up an office, you can create a website and start selling your services for a commission.

Event management services – If you have love parties and like the action that happens behind the scene you can go for event management services. Organizing weddings, birthdays and corporate events can be a business. On a smaller scale, you can be a personal assistant or help somebody in shopping.

Intermediary services – Because of their busy schedules, people need help in sourcing and distribution of products and contracting of services. You can help organization in such any many other intermediary services.

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